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Specialty Services

Massage by Merilee Johnson


As a life long athlete, Merilee’s interest in the human body, mechanics and kinesiology grew beyond her own sports training. She brings that experience to each client. For 28 years, Merilee has provided unique insight into appropriate massage therapies for clients and sports teams, helping to restore and maintain optimal health and pain free function of their body. From topnotch athletes to luxury resorts. She gets most excited, though, working with the rest of us, who want to feel better, move better and live a little better each and every day.  

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Shamanic Readings by Shelby Kushma


Shebly has been working with quantum energy healing for over 8 years.  She will work with you to identify and release the blocks that are causing difficulties in your life.

She will answer life's seemingly impossible questions.

What am I being invited to learn right now?

What is my soul purpose?

Where am I stuck from limiting beliefs?

Am I in a Karmic relationship?

What is holding me back?

Energetic Scanning, Channelling (speaking to our higher self, guides, and angels), past life clearing, working with limiting core beliefs.  A one on one can change your life!

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Life Coaching by Christy Carter


 Christy Carter has a depth of experience working with individuals, families, and organizations to accept, adapt, or create needed changes. She is known for her keen intuitive ability to quickly pinpoint core issues and identify solid solutions. Christy has an understanding, compassionate and lighthearted way with her coaching, teaching and healing work. She has worked in the personal development and human relations field for over 25 years as a Certified NLP Life Coach, Master Rapid Eye Therapy Technician, Reiki Master, and Court Certified Domestic Mediator. Her formal education is in Psychology and Communications. She enjoys working in multiple arenas, resolving difficult issues and lightening the journey of life. Christy loves living in Park City, Utah engaging and participating in the beautiful outdoor and community amenities with friends and family. As a mother of 8 she knows the very real challenges in creating and balancing a playful, joyful, and fulfilling lifestyle. 

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Natural homeopath by Marjorie Gillespie



As a traditional naturopath Marjorie has helped clients for 23 years resolve disease and structural issues by finding the root cause and never by treating the symptoms.   Marjorie has a thriving integrative practice in Newport Beach, California since 1999 across from Hoag Hospital. Marjorie has recently moved to Midway and is looking forward to helping Park City thrive naturally without drugs and surgery.     Marjorie has tools that most do not know exist. With this knowledge she has been able to reverse chronic disease.  She also works with those that want to prevent genetic expression. (family diseases).  Her approach is to teach you what works for your body.  She will help teach you be a health advocate for you and your family. Nobody has a more vested interest in your health than YOU.   She knows that this approach works. It was how all medicine use was before big pharma took over in 1934. 

She offers: LRA testing, Frequency Specific Micro-current, BIA testing, neuromuscular therapy.

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Park City SC Skiing Treadmill


If you would like to try out the most amazing privately owned cross country ski treadmill call the Koch family to get your private lesson.

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