Fitness Classes

Spin & Flow - 60 Min.

Get your hear rate up on our RealRyder bikes for 40 minutes and then bring it down with a good yoga inspired stretch for the last 20 minutes.

SUPHIIT - 60 Min

 This indoor studio SUP, or stand up paddle board inspired class takes your workout onto an unstable surface to simulate the experience of being on the water.  This is a HIIT format class that combines traditional exercises in a more challenging way firing small stabilizer muscles that often go unused.

Fire & Flow - 60 Min.

Half HIIT, or high intensity interval training and half yoga. 30 min of cardio  and strength training followed up by a good yoga style stretch of the muscles utilized in the first half of class. 

Cycle & Strength - 60 Min

30 minutes of cardio riding on our RealRyder bikes followed up with 30 minutes of TRX suspension training to target the upper body.

Cycle Express -45 Min

 45min on our RealRyder bikes set to a heart pumping playlist with tempos to match the ride. No pushups, no hand weights needed as our Real Ryders sit on an axis and allow you to lean, turn, steer and balance through three essential planes of motion, bringing you the best ride possible in a studio setting.