Yoga Classes

Hot Flow

This is a heated 60 min sequence. It is a mixture of Bikram yoga and vinyasa power flow. It helps strengthen your core, increase flexibility, and restore your balance, all while you are sweating out toxins and increasing blood flow. 

Vinyasa Flow & Express Vinyasa

Vinyasa links the breath to each movement from one pose to the next. This is a dynamic practice can often feel like a dance depending on the instructor. The Express class is shortened from a 60min practice to a 45min practice.  

Hatha Yoga

Yoga flow, holding poses longer for anywhere in the neighborhood of 5-10 breaths depending on the instructor.  Focuses on the physical technique.  The slower practice helps to focus on the energy and it's pathways.  Increases focus, muscle strength, and balance. 


This form of yoga practice dials in on awakening energy through a deep focus on the breath.  Can be meditative but also can be energizing as well depending on the individuals experience.  

Qi Gong

 A holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health & spirituality. 

Hot Power Flow

60min class that combines the heat of the hot flow class and the flow of our vinyasa classes.  

Traditional 26/2


Rooted in Hatha, this 26 pose series done in high heat/humidity helps to detox the body & will tune into your focus.  This class is 90 min of pure sweat.


Let go & wind down your day with a gentle practice focusing on mind/body connection 


yin yoga

Slower flow with fewer postures held for longer periods of time focusing on connective tissue release.

Apres Ski Hot Flow

Hot flow focusing on a release specifically in the muscles used on the slopes previously during the day.

Indoor Studio SUPYoga

Indoor Studio SUP yoga

This is a challenging class that takes your practice to an unstable surface and mimics the experience one would have on a stand up paddle board in the water.  Perfect for keeping up with your SUPYoga practice during the cold winter months as well as tuning into your balance in a whole new way.