Yoga Classes

Hot Flow



Hot Flow was created by Sumit Bajerjee drawing on his own years of practice, and incorporating various yoga styles including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Bikram. His sequence integrates fluid transitions from pose to pose, linking body breath and movement. Hot Flow is practiced in the heat, allowing for a complete mind body escape. The room is heated with added humidity, this 60 minute practice is focused on dynamic, breath synchronized movement.  Level: 2/2+

Vinyasa Flow & Express Vinyasa



It doesn’t matter if this is your first yoga class or you’ve been practicing for decades, Vinyasa Flow is designed to offer a variety of options for every need and experience level. Vinyasa is the beautiful practice that intelligently connects the breath with movement in the body and thoughts in the mind. This class teaches you to follow your breath’s intuition as you glide through a series of warming stretches and dynamic exploration, sun salutations, balancing and standing postures, back-bending, and yin poses; with options to customize your practice along the way. Some classes shortened to 45 min. This is a NON HEATED class. Level: 1/2/3 

Beginner's Yoga



With a welcoming atmosphere, this is the perfect place to take your first class and experience yoga. You will be introduced to basic yoga poses and vinyasa flows to start your practice, and will find this class both relaxing and enlightening. You’ll learn and practice the Sun Salutation series, the core of any vinyasa-style yoga practice, and explore proper alignment and breathing techniques. This is a NON HEATED class. Level: 1/2

Hot 26 (Bikram)



Hot 26 classes consist of a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises performed in a precise order incorporating a standing series and a flow series. This class systematically works the entire body, incorporating strength, balance and flexibility. The room is heated to 100 degrees with added humidity. Level 2/3

Yoga Sculpt


 Yoga sculpt is a 60 min. heated class where you start and end the class with a slow vinyasa flow but are using weights and bands for the rest of the class.  Your heart rate will be elevated and you will get a wonderful workout all while sweating out toxins in the heated room. 



The original vinyasa series, Ashtanga yoga is a systematic sequence of predetermined flowing postures linked together with the breath. Intended to be a daily practice, this powerful healing practice is a specific sequence of asanas linking breath and movement to create a moving meditation. Moving through Sun Salutations, a Standing Sequence, a Seated Sequence, and a Closing Sequence, students will find this class both challenging and rewarding. This is a NON HEATED class and a pre-requisite to a Led Primary Series class. Level 2/3

Warm Sunrise



Wake up and supercharge your mind, body, and sprit with this Sunrise Vinyasa. Energizing sun salutations and creative flow sequences are emphasized in this class 45 minute class. Linking your breath and movement to connect your mind, body, and spirit in a welcoming environment. A variety of pose options are offered based on the needs of the class. The room is kept “warm” (between 75-80 degrees) with medium to high humidity to enhance the effects. Level: 2

Alignment Flow



This flow focuses on the physical alignment of the body postures to obtain the maximum benefits of the practice.  Following the five universal principles of alignment allows energy to move more fluidly through the body, keeps the body safe from over extension, and most importantly is a blueprint of how to move with ease and enjoyment.  Levels 1/2/3.

*** this is a non-heated class.

Yin Yoga



The opposite of Yang yoga, Yin practice invites students into seated postures and hip/shoulder openers. Utilizing longer holds (2-5 minutes) and relaxing the muscles allows the stretch to move into the connective tissue and engages the body’s repair reflex. Learn to be with intense, yet gentle, physical and emotional sensations as you build and release Chi into your body. Slow down and nourish yourself by providing some balance to your busy Yang lifestyle! This is a NON HEATED class. Levels 1/2/3

Gentle Flow



 In this yoga class you will learn proper technique in vinyasa moving at a slower, non-strenuous pace.  This class is for all levels that help improve your mobility, strength, and balance.  This class is appropriate for those who want a gentle, nurturing, well-supported practice.  This is a non heated class. 

Power Sweat 60



A more demanding hot vinyasa flow class, focused on balance, core strength, and flexibility. Powerful sequences composed of strengthening repetitions, targeted endurance, and focused work. The room is heated with medium humidity, allowing the body to detoxify while moving through an energizing vinyasa sequence linking breath with movement. Be prepared to sweat, and please bring water and a towel. This class is recommended for those who have previous vinyasa and asana experience. Level: 2/3


Flow Into Stillness 75 min.


 This 75 minute practice begins with vinyasa, creating heat and movement in the body before we start to melt into yin postures, which promotes stretching deeply and creating space in the mind and body.  Without the distraction of constant movement and muscle engagement, your connective tissues have the opportunity to stretch and release.   Level 1/2